Strengthening Communities in New Ways

You share our passion. You have ideas about how to improve your part of the world. And you know people who are willing to volunteer to help. But there isn’t a Lions club near you. Don’t worry. That’s exactly how many of our clubs get started.

Start a New Club

Start a new Lions club and develop programs that interest you. While community-based clubs are our tradition, we realize that one size does not fit all. That’s why we offer several club types for you to choose from:

  • Traditional clubs are the most common club type, and offer a group of people flexibility when serving their community. Consider chartering a club based on members common interests such as a hobby, profession or ethnicity. Often, a shared interest brings even greater energy to a group of Lions.
  • club branch allows a small group of people to start a club before they have reached the 20 person charter requirement so they can start making a difference in their community sooner.
  • Campus clubs make an impact on your local college or university community while connecting students, faculty members and business leaders. Campus clubs offer students the opportunity to strengthen their leadership skills and build their resume.

Whatever the case, we will help you start the Lions club that works best for you and your community.


Ready to Charter a Club?

Visit the start a new club webpage to download the resources needed to charter a Lions club, or request a New Club Extension Kit today!

For more information, contact the Membership Development Department.